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An appealing tangy passionfruit powder enhanced with premium Iranian saffron stigma extract (Safr’InsideTM) and marine magnesium (SimagTM) from France to ease your day for a better an uninterrupted bedtime.

30 sachets

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    Saffron Stigma Extract is the most expensive spice in the world. The costliness is related to the harvesting as only 3 stigmas can be found in each flower. The entire harvesting process must be done by hand to preserve its content.   Using the only encapsulated & patented TECH’CARE EXTRACTIONTM method, it helps to:
    • Preserve the unique profile of saffron to get the richest saffron extract.
    • Optimize the potential of each stigma to use a minimum quantity of the spice.
      Snooz uses the exclusive Sargol Grade saffron which has the reddest colour & strongest odour and the best quality and it provides up to ten times more safranal than other extracts.  
    • 30 mg Safr’InsideTM Saffron Stigma Extract
    • 154.5 mg SimagTM Natural Marine Magnesium
    Health Benefits Saffron Stigma Extract
    • Acts as Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRI) that helps to control & maintain a healthy level of serotonin (happy hormone)
    • 44% Reduction in cortisol level (stress hormone)
    • 34% Improvement in global sleep quality
    • Significant improvement on POMS-Depression subscales including both psychological and physical parameters
      Natural Marine Magnesium
    • Promote serotonin synthesis
    • Inhibit reuptake of glutamate & activate GABA
    • Significant improvement on insomnia severity, sleep time and sleep onset latency upon magnesium supplementation
    • Decrease likelihood of falling asleep during the day was associated with higher magnesium intake
    Recommended Dosage
    • For stress management: Directly consume 1 sachet per day after meal.
    • For sleep improvement: Directly consume 1 sachet 1 hour before bedtime.
    Also suitable for
    • Diabetic patient
    • High in magnesium
    • Free of sugar
    • Free of sodium
    • Vegan friendly
    • No preservatives
    • Non GMO
    • Additives free
    • No colouring



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    • Avatar

      Crystal CC

      Tried this because of a strong recommendation from my colleague as I’m a easily agitated person. My brain was kind of active for the initial first few nights. It took me more than 2 weeks to be able to sleep faster than as usually it took me some time to fall asleep. My personal experience is during the day, my mood is calmer and less moodiness. Will continue to observe. Thank you

    • Avatar

      Rachel Chin

      Lately I had sleeping problem and was introduced to Snooz by a pharmacist. Started taking for about a week and manage to fall asleep naturally. loving it.

    • Avatar

      Eugene Ong

      Used to feel very excited and not be able to sleep after exercising at night. After taking snooz, it makes me easier to fell asleep even after exercising.


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