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Pro-Immun3 5A

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A botanical beverage mix enriched with European Black Elderberry Extract from Austria, Oxxynea 5A and Oxxynea WS from France that fulfils your nutritional gap, daily antioxidant needs as well as maintaining your immunity at optimum level.

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    Pro-Immun3 5A


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    A botanical beverage mix enriched with European Black Elderberry Extract from Austria, Oxxynea 5A and Oxxynea WS from France that fulfils your nutritional gap, daily antioxidant needs as well as ensuring your immunity at optimum level.   European Black Elderberry Extract (Sambucus nigra) is scientifically proven to be effective in providing immune support against upper respiratory infections and shortening cold duration due to its high and powerful polyphenol content, particularly anthocyanins known as Cyanidin-3-sambubioside and Cyanidin-3-glucoside.   The extract is obtained using IPRONA Polyphenol Technology (IPT) (combining water extraction and ultrafiltration), therefore preserving the original phytonutrient fruit matrix of the whole berry.   Oxxynea 5A and Oxxynea WS do not only contain more than 125 different kinds of bioactive polyphenols, but also provide 24 hour antioxidant load.   Consumption of Oxxynea 5A and WS is equivalent to 5 servings of fruit & vegetables or more.   Polyphenols can help managing blood pressure levels, keeping blood vessels healthy and flexible as well as promoting good circulation.   Polyphenols may also decrease inflammation, which is thought to be the root cause of many chronic illnesses.   Further strengthen with Amla Vitamin C extract, Zinc and Vitamin D3 that are beneficial for overall wellbeing.  
    • 300mg ElderCraft® European Black Elderberry extract
    • 500IU Vitamin D3
    • 125mg Amla extract
    • 400mg Oxxynea WS
    • 125mg Oxxynea 5A
    • 20mg Zinc
    Health Benefits ElderCraft® European Black Elderberry extract helps to:
    • Boost immune system
    • Alleviate cold and influenza symptoms (fever, nasal congestion, mucus discharge, coughing, aches, pain)
    • Reduce inflammation
    Oxxynea 5A and WS helps to:
    • Reduce reactive oxygen species production by 45.5%
    • Increase plasma total antioxidant capacity by 10%
    • Reduce total cholesterol by 11.7%
    • Decrease fat deposit in blood vessels by 77%
    Recommended Dosage
    • 1 sachet before or after meal daily diluted in a cup of 75ml water. Stir evenly before consumption.
    Also suitable for
    • 3 years old and above
    • Diabetic patient
    • Pregnant and lactating women
    • No preservatives
    • No additives
    • No colouring
    • No added sugar
    • Non-GMO
    • GMP Certified

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    5 reviews for Pro-Immun3 5A

    1. Latipah Basha

      Recommended by Pharmacist

    2. Jacqueline

      This is very effective for relieving throat irritation, sore throat and flu. I gave it to my son who has started showing sign of flu and throat irritation and normally my son will develop into cold and sore throat. It provides instant relief of throat irritation and without developing into further sore throat. I am taking it for myself and family daily to enhance our immunity now.

    3. Ng Teck Che

      I had started to consume Pro-Immune 5A on Sunday (13th February 2022) and also DMB- Protecta on Wednesday (16th February 2022). On 17th February 2022, a bunch of good friends and my self (all in 7 of us) went for a short retreat to Taiping, for 2 days. We had breakfast, lunch, dinner and even a karaoke session together. Before embarking on the trip, all of us carried a self-test and all were confirmed negative. However, on Sunday (20th February 2022), five (5) of my friends started to feel body weakness, tiredness, and itchy throats and suspected Covid-19. All of us then carried out antigen test and 5 of them tested positive. Therefore, 3 further went for PCR Covid-19 test including myself, and result shown that 2 of them tested positive and myself tested negative. I told them about DMB-Protecta what I took before the trip. I then gave the DMB- Protecta to the five who tested positive on Sunday (20th Februay 202). By 23rd February 2022, they again went for their antigen Covid-19 test and all were confirmed negative, and recovered from body weakness, tiredness and itchy throats.
      I will continue my daily regime of DMB-Protecta and Pro-immune 5A for the benefit of my health.

    4. elaine

      I do not like to eat vege and hardly go for fruits. I am taking this to supplement the lack of nutrients in me. So far the constipation got improved a little and hopefully it will help in my completion too

    5. dsfdsf


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