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How to Treat Skin Hyperpigmentation Naturally

Pigmentation refers to the coloring of the skin. Skin pigmentation disorders cause changes to the color of your skin. Melanin is made by cells in the skin and is the pigment responsible for your skin’s color.

Hyperpigmentation is a condition that causes your skin to darken. This can affect patches of your skin or your entire body. Age spots, also called liver spots, are a common type of hyperpigmentation.

Sun damage is the most common cause of skin pigmentation and usually affects the parts of the body that are most frequently exposed to the sun. Other causes include:

Hyperpigmentation is usually a cosmetic concern rather than a medical one. There are several remedies for pigmentation that can help you lighten dark patches.

The ingredients of Actiz-Glo are designed to help in lightening pigmentation, brightening and even of skin tone.

  1. Patented Fernblock Tecknology from Spain with more than 20 publications in leading scientific journals over the past 10 year is a potent Antioxidant that prevents UVA damage and Repair UVB damage. Is proven to reduce sunburn cells, reduce thymine dimers, preserves langerhans cells and reduces mostocyte infiltration.

2. Viqua is the beautifying essence of Pomegranate from Spain which containing punicalagins, the excellent antioxidant that innovatively nourishes, rejuvenates adn whitens skin complexion, thus resulting in glowing, dewy and supple skin.

3. Glutathione from Japan, a simple tripeptide consists of glutamic acid, cysteine and glycine that is capable of making skin brighter, lighter and generally improve its overall appearance.

Other beneficial ingredients are Vitamin C and Vitamin B3  to minimize pore appearance, regulates and stabilize oil production, speed up healing and reduce signs of aging .

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