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How to Combat the Covid Virus

Since January 2020 Elsevier has created a COVID-19 resource centre with free information in English and mandarin on the novel coronavirus COVID-19.

A journal cohort study in Singapore which published by Elsevier (nutrition 79-80 (2020) 111017) to evaluate the effect of vitamin D, Magnesium and vitamin B12 (DMB) in combination on progression to severe outcomes in older patients with coronavirus (COVID-19)

□Study Objective : To determine clinical outcomes of older patients with Coronavirus (Covid-19) who received oral combination of 1000iu/d Vitamin D, 150 mg/d Magnesium and 500mcg/d Vitamin B12

□Subject: Total of 43 patients age ≥50.

17 received treatment VS 26 without treatment

□Duration: 15/1/2020 – 15/4/2020

□Clinical outcomes:   Baseline demographic characteristics between the two groups were significantly different by age. In univariate analysis, age and hypertension had a significant influence on outcome. After adjusting for age or hypertension separately in a multivariate analysis, the treatment group retained protective significant. Fewer treated patients than controls required initiation of oxygen therapy during hospitalization (17.6 vs 61.5% P=0.0006).

Much of the current therapeutic effort is targeted at viral elimination instead of  pre-emptively modulating hyperinflammation. A number of immunomodulatory agents may serve the latter role.  Vitamin D, for instance, has a protective effect against respiratory tract infection. Magnesium enhances vitamin D function in additional to being an antihypertensive, antithrombotic, and bronchodilator. Vitamin B12 is an important modulator of gut microbiota. importantly, these compounds are generally safe and well tolerated by patients. A course of Vitamin D/Magnesium/Vitamin B12 supplements (DMB) upon diagnosis of COVID-19 could potentially exert synergistic effect to modulate host immune response, ameliorate COVID-19 severity and reduce reduce adverse outcomes.

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