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Adding An Oral Sun-Screen To Your Daily Routine!

You’ve heard it time and time again from dermatologists and beauty experts alike: Sun protection is crucial in maintaining healthy skin, hence the need to slap on some SPF before heading outside (and even if you’re just indoors!). These days, it’s become easier than ever to stay protected from harmful ultraviolet rays, too, thanks to a relatively new innovation, a.k.a. the oral sunscreen. But we know what you’re thinking: Is it safe to ingest my SPF and does it actually work?

Oral vs. Topical Sunscreens

First things first: An oral sunscreen is basically an antioxidant supplement that helps the body fight against the free radicals primarily caused by UV radiation. That said, studies have shown that they have the capacity to reduce sunburn, redness, and damage.

Meanwhile, topical sunscreens, as we all know, go on top of the skin and basically act as blockers to deflect and scatter UVA and UVB rays from the sun, as well as shield against Infrared-A and blue light from artificial light and heat sources.

But here’s the thing: While both protect against UV damage, you can’t exactly use oral sunscreen as a substitute for your topical product; instead, it’s taken to complement your sunscreen lotion or spray. Containing strong antioxidants that we may not get enough of in our day-to-day diet, oral sunblock pills provide uniform protection for the entire body (including often overlooked areas, like the scalp, eyes, and ears) yet the level of protection is uncertain since an SPF value can’t exactly be assigned to oral products. So it’s still best to take them in tandem with a topical product for a more definite protection time range, as specified in the SPF level.

The bottom line: Yes, it’s generally safe to take oral sunscreens* as they’ve been proven to provide antioxidant action especially you’re extra photo-sensitive, but if you’re keen about adding a sun-shielding capsule to your routine, just make sure you don’t forgo your regular sunscreen application for the maximum coverage and protection against ultra-violet ray at all times.

Protection is better than cure! Let’s add on an oral sunscreen to our daily routine while enjoying the abundance of Vitamin D naturally from today onward!

FERNBLOCK® the Patented Technology

  •  15 years of research and clinical investigation by leading experts in the field of photoprotection have demonstrated the properties of Fernblock as an oral and topical photoprotective agent.
  • Over the past 10 years FERNBLOCK has been object of over 20 publications in leading scientific journals.

FERNBLOCK® is a purified Polypodium Leucotomos Extract (PLE), a fern from Central America. The fern has been generally used by people in Central and South America as folk medicine to treat inflammatory disorders and other skin diseases. PLE provides uniform, total body surface protection without the variance of protection typically observed in topical sunscreens.

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