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The story of Healiving Supplies began with a group of sincere, dedicated and passionate healthcare providers who shared the same comparable fundamental belief, which is to improve individuals’ wellbeing by providing them the top-notch healthcare products.

We are an innovative Malaysian company placing its focus on research, development, market trends and needs analysis, manufacturing as well as launching of various health supplements and beauty products with scientifically proven efficacy supported by numerous human clinical studies. This starts from spotting and innovating within market trends stems from our decade long experience in the industry. We identify functional ingredients and provide avant garde solutions to the food & beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical industry. We are also actively involved in business to business service by offering our customers customized formulations according to their requirements and needs,giving them the best non-medicinal, yet natural health solutions to ensure our final products are safe for consumption or application, while bringing the optimum results and minimizing any undesirable side effects.

We are also prioritizing on sales, marketing and distribution of these unique, quality products assured with cGMP standard in Malaysian healthcare sector united by the desire in enhancing the quality of individuals’ lives. Our headquarter is based in Kuala Lumpur and we have our professional, experienced field force present in all the districts in Klang Valley introducing our products to all healthcare sectors including pharmacies, hospitals, medical clinics, aesthetic clinics, Chinese Medical Halls and organic shops. At the same time, we are expanding our business scale by exporting our products to different countries as well.

Our vision and mission are to assist all human kinds in sustaining their health and prolonging their life expectancy, as well as being one of the most reliable, trusted and friendly healthcare brands. Hence, we exert consistent effort in exploring the unlimited potential of what nature can provide. With nature, we are able to obtain the best non-drug, non-chemical and non- artificial solutions to fulfil people’s health-needs. We also continuously thrive to explore possible business opportunities with other oversea business partners to enable our brand’s presence across the globe and recognized worldwide.

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